Daily Briefing: Kurtz on the Case

Bush embraces "many" recommendations of commission on intelligence failures. [WP, NYT]

Liberal groups take aim at DeLay's intricate political network and position on Schiavo with new ad campaign. [NYT, WP]

Laura, on way to Afghanistan, says she and George have living wills; defends response to Schiavo: "It is a life issue that really does require government to be involved." [NYT, WT, USAT]

Memogate II: "Talking points" on Schiavo distributed to, not among, Republican senators; ABC, WaPo attacked by bloggers. [WP]

Three "progressives" say they were removed from Bush town meeting because of their bumper sticker, "No More Blood for Oil." McClellan: "There is plenty of opportunity outside of the event to express their views." [WP]

Bush believes Iraqi government can flourish as "positive example" to neighboring countries. [WP, WT]

Mary Cheney scores $1m book deal at Simon & Schuster; Matalin denies involvement. [, NYT]

AARP dominates spending in Social Security debate; recently dropped $5m. [WP]

Navy Secretary Gordon England is expected successor to Wolfowitz. [WSJ, WP]


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