Fitzgerald will not issue a final report and possible indictments are not expected this week; lawyers involved say the prosecutor is "leaning toward indictments but continuing to weigh thousands of pages of documents and testimony." [NYT]

Miers supported abortion ban in 1989; today she insists the court should not determine "social policy." McClellan: "[P]ersonal views and ideology and religion have no role to play when it comes to making decisions on the bench." [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, USAT]

Miers' questionnaire lifts support among Republicans; Democrats have concerns about her abortion views. [LAT, WSJ]

Miers was vetted by a few White House "insiders"; she met with Bush but not with Cheney or Rove. [USAT]

Bush "made his displeasure known" to Rove two years ago and has "made his life miserable about" the leak investigation, says "presidential counselor." [NYDN]

Bush announces $32b domestic security bill: "We're going to get control of our borders. We'll make this country safer for all our citizens." [NYT, LAT, WSJ, WT]

White House to reduce next Gulf Coast relief package to around $20b. [WSJ]

Republicans losing support among conservatives, moderates, and independents. Ronald Brownstein: "This two-front war complicates the challenge for the GOP as Bush tries to regain the initiative in Washington and the party prepares for the 2006 midterm elections." [LAT]

Presidential tax commission unveils two simplified options; designed as a framework for upcoming proposals. [WP, NYT, WSJ, USAT]

Republicans seek expansion of FBI's powers in regards to terrorism investigations. [NYT]

9/11 Commission members set to criticize White House and FBI in new report. [NYT]

Miers holds assets of about $1.3m; drives a used Mercedes. [NYT]

Senate intelligence committee will press Porter Goss today on the revival of CIA. [WP]

Senate scraps 1.9% raise for lawmakers. [USAT]


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