* Harry Reid stops the logjammin' and passes "the toughest reform bill in the history" of the Senate (according to Harry Reid). The lobbyists' lobbyist is sure it'll just push bribing further underground, where a greased-up, shirtless Robert Byrd will have to delve to kill it at the root. [WP, LAT]

* John Edwards' Georgetown manse bought in shady deal by insider-trading grandparent-abusers. [WP]

* Democrats did 100 hours worth of work in somewhere between 42 and 87 hours. [NYT]

* GSA chief Lurita Doan gets so overwrought when she hears the national anthem it makes her want to give no-bid contracts to everybody she knows. [WP]

* Alberto Gonzalez doesn't have a political bone in his corruption-prosecuting-attorney-replacing body. Anybody that's got problem with that can take it up with John Cornyn. [WP]

* FISA is for turbos, but Patrick Leahy isn't willing to follow the white rabbit down the secret court's hole. [NYT]

* Art Buchwald was a great writer, and he just died. [NYT]


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