• Bush began final campaign trip in Montana, and will travel to other historically Republican strongholds that are now under threat. [WP, NYT]

  • Campaigns to end with ad blitz that "will boost spending on political and issue advertising past $2 billion in this campaign, or $400 million more than in the 2004 presidential campaign." [WP]

  • U.S. Government website releases Iraqi nuclear "cookbook." Post is titled, "BREAKING! Must Credit Saddam!" [NYT]

  • Conservative Christian leader Ted Haggard resigns amid allegations of whoring, gaying. [WP]

  • A cost/benefit analysis of raising minimum wage shows it does cost business owners, does benefit workers. [WSJ]

  • Economist bloggers believe "Democrats are better for growth than Republicans." [WSJ]

  • Report by House Ethics Committee on Pagefuckergate cover-up to be released to an apathetic post election world. [WP]

  • Latest Military authorization bill eliminates the, "Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction," as the reconstruction no longer needs inspecting, obv. [NYT]

  • New web-based tool showing Metro train arrival times aims to allow passengers an extra few minutes to take care of blowjobs before heading to the station. [WP]

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