Daily Briefing: Many Thousands Gone

* The decider has yet to make any decisions on the raising or lowering of troop numbers in Iraq. [WP, NYT]

* Democrats will allow freshmen to take ownership of individual ethics proposals for maximum benefit in their districts. [WP]

* Sorry, Charlie, no measures to reinstate the draft will be part of the "2007-2008 legislative agenda." [WP]

* The Iraq study group that almost wasn't. [WP]

* Hillary Clinton and the mystery of the disappearing $30 million in campaign funds is solved -- $13 thousand for flowers, $2,500 for chili half-smokes at Ben's, and some other stuff. [NYT]

* Antiwar groups are outwardly enraged, inwardly fulfilled by being spied on by antiterror programs. [NYT]

* "Now we got weapons of the chemical dust," until 2023 when we finally get rid of that shit. [USAT]

* In race for Katherine Harris's old seat, Republican Vern Buchanan is finally named winner, Democrat Christine Jennings is suing, and Katy is still crying. [NYT]


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