Daily Briefing: New Poll Finds Poll Results Ambiguous

  • NYT/CBS poll finds "marked disenchantment with Congress" with only 25% of respondents approving of them. 25% is also the number of people who think Bush is "mostly lying when talking about the war." [NYT]

  • Other polls confirm: "Bush has gained ground, but his standing is weak by historic standards." [LAT]

  • Maryland considers switching back to paper ballots for the general elections as Governor Ehrlich worries about electronic machines' "susceptibility to tampering." [WP]

  • Hewlett-Packard confirms giant evil companies are as giant and evil as you thought. [WP]

  • Bill Frist gives "thumbs up" to a 700 miles fence along border with Mexico. [NYT]

  • Alberto Gonzalez has a hard time keeping all the different abductions and torturing straight, it's too much to remember really. [NYT]

  • Superdome in New Orleans to reopen Monday for Saints/Falcons game that's generating "Super Bowl-like buzz." [USAT]

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