Daily Briefing: Nights and Responsibilities

* House approves but Senate rejects Iraq funding bill with bonus troop withdrawal date. Mr. War, John McCain, didn't bother voting FYI. [WP, NYT]

* California jumps on the February 5th primary bandwagon. [LAT, WP, NYT]

* Henry Waxman interviews Valerie Plame live on C-SPAN! [WP]

* Karl Rove's greasy fingers are way deep in the attorney-firing cookie jar. [NYT]

* Fred Fielding doesn't like easy jobs -- it's the hard that makes it good. That, and the chance to eat some Democrats for breakfast. [NYT]

* Does the VIP ward at Walter Reed drain resources from the regular injured soldier ward? Is that even a question? [USAT]

* Start stocking up on champagne, and get ready for the citizenship party of the century! [WP]


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