"Scooter" Libby has "a problem" in the leak investigation, his attorney says. Robert Bennett: "Fitzgerald is putting together a big case, and he's looking for little pieces of a puzzle." [WP, NYT, WSJ]

Rejection of the Iraqi constitution by two Sunni provinces "guarantees the guerrilla war will go on," says one historian. "As one official put it, every time the administration appears on the edge of a precipice, it manages to cobble together a result that allows it to move on to the next precipice," according to The Washington Post. Per The New York Times, "Senior officials say the intelligence reports flowing over their desks in recent months argue that even if democratic institutions take hold, the insurgency may strengthen." [WP, NYT, USAT, USAT]

House Republican leaders are preparing to cut up to $50b from '06 budget; fiscal conservatives win out. [WP]

Miers will provide answers to Senate questionnaire today; strategists hope nomination will gain traction. [NYT]

Some Republicans are concerned that Bush's go-slow approach to rebuilding the Gulf Coast will create additional problems. [LAT]

Republicans worry Democrats could gain in '06 on ethics issue. GOP lobbyist: "You have Frist, DeLay, the Plame case, and you have Democrats with a theme: the culture of corruption and incompetence. [Republicans] are concerned that next year could be a bad year." [LAT]

DeLay raised nearly $1m in three months before his indictment; he has $1.2m on hand. [NYT]

Media analysts criticize Judith Miller and The New York Times for their decision-making. [WP]

Lautenberg suggests charges may be filed over Armstrong Williams' contract. [USAT]

Dan Bartlett, Nicolle Wallace choose topic of presidential radio address on Wednesdays; number of listeners is unknown. [NYT]

Hillary reaps cash from Hollywood. [WT]


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