Daily Briefing, Part I: Alito Was 'Tidy, But Not Fancy'

Democrats make "halfhearted" attempt to avert the inevitable confirmation of Samuel Alito; Bush congratulates Alito for "doing a great job." Committee vote will likely fall along partisan lines; White House expects Alito to win between 60 and 70 votes in the Senate.


Alito seen to have a "conservative tint." Historian: "Both Alito and Roberts fall closer to Scalia and Thomas than they do to O'Connor." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Alito's wife "generated sympathy for her husband in the hearing room and, perhaps, beyond Washington among Americans who had otherwise tuned out." [NYT]

Alito "looked tidy but not fancy" -- "as unremarkable as possible" -- and his wife was "pleasant but not obsequiously adoring," Robin Givhan writes. [WP]

Questioning of Alito centered on presidential powers; Roberts was mostly quizzed on civil rights. [WP]

Sen. Kennedy (D-Mass.) belongs to a Harvard social club that was expelled for only admitting males. [WT]

Liberal groups prepare for ongoing battle against Alito. [LAT]


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