Daily Briefing, Part I: Alito's 'Soporific Effect'

Samuel Alito vows to keep "open mind" on abortion; distances himself from past statements. [WP, NYT, WSJ, WT, LAT]

Alito was an "elusive target" who seemed "mostly untouchable." Alito's "handling of questions from Democrats had the effect of leaving his questioner shuffling through papers in search of the next question." [NYT, WP, USAT]

Alito had a "soporific effect": "the mood in the hearing room was flat and lethargic." [WP]

Alito insists he will maintain the status quo. [WP]

Alito "sticks to the big picture" as Dems "cast wide net." [USAT, LAT]

Judiciary Committee members indulged themselves. [NYT]

Alito defends ruling on Vanguard. [WP]


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