Daily Briefing: Praise the Lord, FISA the Light

* Bush admin: J/K everyone, FISA can totally have jurisdiction over the illegal secret wiretapping program. Please don't yell at Alberto Gonzales too much today, Senate Judiciary Committee. [NYT, WP]

* The Bush legacy would've probably been something about creeping executive power, but lately he's been conceding it to everyone. [NYT, WP]

* A "bipartisan" (read: involving Chuck Hagel) group of Senators prepared a useless symbolic resolution opposing THE SURGE in Iraq. Clinton wants to get tougher, withhold funds, give John Edwards a wedgie. [WP, WP]

* NYT prints dumbest lede this week: "The climate here has definitely changed." [NYT]

* Condi Rice is in Berlin chatting about Israel and Palestine with German chancellor Angela Merkel. What Rice learned out there: people be sick of getting blown up. [CNN]

* Barack Obama will need to be careful about staying fresh, beloved over these next two years. [NYT]

* Everyone's got an "exploratory committee." Except Clinton, who might see her fundraising ability sonned by the early adapters. [WP]

* Ethics reform legislation stalls in Senate. Pig to have to find alternate source of lipstick. [NYT]


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