• Israel will continue to bomb Lebanon for another week or two; then the US will send in Condoleezza Rice. Meanwhile, as a debate continues over Israel's use of possibly "disproportionate" force, hundreds of Americans were evacuated from Beirut. [NYT, NYT, WP]

  • Bush's seeming inability or unwillingness to handle North Korea and Iran with the same swagger that met foreign threats of his first term has angered conservative intellectuals and pundits. [WP]

  • The USDA somehow ended up in a crooked powdered-milk racket. [WP]

  • Stem cell research has slowed over the last few years, and the bill passed by the Senate yesterday would help reverse that trend -- if not for Bush's expected veto, which congress is not expected to overturn. [NYT, WP]

  • In what some critics call "a politically motivated interference in Justice Department affairs," President Bush blocked the DoJ's own internal affairs office from investigating the NSA wiretapping program. [WP]

  • The Senate unanimously passed a resolution endorsing Israel's bombing campaign against Lebanon yesterday. [WP]

  • President Bush will address the NAACP at its national convention. [WP]

  • A House hearing on immigration reform devolved into sniping at the Senate and the president. [NYT]

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