• Israel is suspending raids on southern Lebanon for 48 hours in the wake of this weekend's deadly bombing of Qana. Condoleezza Rice is cutting her diplomatic trip to the region short, having achieved a concession, and claiming that a cease-fire is just around the corner.. [WP, NYT, NYT, WP, AP]

  • The Department of Homeland Security, attempting to make Bush appear strong on the immigration issue, is beefing up enforcement by serving more indictments of business owners who employ illegal immigrants. [NYT]

  • House members skipped town for the rest of the summer, leaving a minimum wage hike and the fate of the estate tax hanging in the balance. [WP]

  • "At campaign events," Joe Lieberman "appears subdued and weary." [WP]

  • Karl Rove criticized the press this weekend. [AP]

  • John "Maverick" McCain's son Jimmy is headed to Iraq. The Senator is simply tortured about it. [Time]

  • China refuses to take from us 40,000 illegal immigrants. [WSJ]

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