Daily Briefing: 'Red-Hot Rhetoric'

Administration says economic growth will slow and inflation will rise slightly this year; deficit will be less than previous years. Congressional Budget Office Director: "These are the good ol' days. These are the best of times. After this, it gets worse." [WSJ]

The end of stubbornness? "There are signs [Bush's] determination to do things his way is beginning to be counterproductive, and the stakes are high," writes USAT. [USAT]

Senate confirms Janice Rogers Brown to D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in roll call of 56 to 43. [WP, LAT, USAT]

Ethics Committee could take months to decide on DeLay. [WP]

Bush "exploring alternatives" for Guantanamo Bay prison; Rumsfeld disagrees. [WP, NYT]

McClellan says revision of climate report part of business as usual. [NYT, USAT]

Democrats worried about Dean's "penchant for red-hot rhetoric." [WP]

62% disapprove of Bush's handling of Social Security in WP/ABC poll; Bush reiterates call for overhaul. [WP, NYT]


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