• Through his lawyer, Foley outs himself, blames childhood abuse and booze for his urges. Bush, Mehlman condemn him, support Hastert. [WP, NYT, LAT]

  • Which means Hastert won't have to give up Speaker's office 'til after the election, maybe. [NYT, WSJ]

  • Pagefuckergate story-breaker Brian Ross talks to the WSJ, debunks Hastert-Harris "democratic conspiracy" theory. [W$J]

  • Yearly North Korean nuclear test threats resurface, this time maybe for real. [WP]

  • Bush was at his "King Learish" best yesterday in California where he broke his own fundraising record, and had fun blasting Democrats while doing it. [WP]

  • Congress has $20M stashed in a mattress to pay for "a celebration in the nation's capital 'for commemoration of success' in Iraq and Afghanistan." [NYT]

  • American population to reach 300 Million people sometime next week. [LAT]

  • Dow Jones market index sets new all time high. [WP, NYT]

  • Hillary Clinton appears at an Alexandria fundraiser for Webb, calls Allen a "subservient Republican." [WP]

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