Daily Briefing: Roberts Tells Some, Ari Tells Something

Duh-Huh-Duh-Huh-Huh-HuhFitzgerald has queried more administration officials than previously known: "All that is known at this point are the names of some people he has interviewed, what questions he has asked and whom he has focused on." [WP]

14,000 pages of documents shed light on Roberts' opinions; for one, he "encouraged a cautious approach by courts and federal agencies in enforcing laws against discrimination." [NYT, USAT, WT]

Parties have yet to agree on timetable for Roberts' confirmation hearings and the vote. [NYT]

Documents show Roberts "was [a] significant backstage player in the legal policy debates of the early Reagan administration" and his "sometimes smart-alecky tongue." [WP, NYT]

Energy bill nears passage; ANWR and other controversial plans are left out of the legislation. [NYT, WSJ, WP, WP]

White House will not release Roberts' tax returns. [WP, ]

Bush will visit Capitol Hill to push CAFTA. [WSJ, NYT]

Fleischer told grand jury that he never saw the State Department memo and was not Novak's source. [NYT]

Americans in Gallup poll are pessimistic about Iraq war and 51% believe Bush deliberately misled about WMDs. [USAT]

Bush says he's "more committed than ever" to private accounts, but momentum seems to be with alternative ideas. [WSJ, WT]

Congress crams legislative action in before recess. [NYT]

Affect of divisions at AFL-CIO on political parties is unclear; Republicans sense opportunity. [WSJ, WP, USAT]

Gonzales: "[A] Supreme Court justice is not obliged to follow precedent if you believe it's wrong." [WP, NYT]

Congress advocates review of Cnooc's offer for Unocal. [NYT]

Senate appears ready to protect gun makers from civil suits. [WSJ]

Hillary's talk of unity riles the left. [WP]

Bush's agenda curtailed by presidential ambitions of numerous senators. [USAT]

Pataki will not seek re-election for governor of New York. [NYT]

Plurality of ex-lawmakers find work as lobbyists. [WP]


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