• Rice makes surprise visit to Beirut. [WSJ]

  • Before Rice left Washington, she and Bush met with Saudi diplomats, who encouraged them to push for a cease-fire. They continue to refuse. [NYT]

  • "The American Bar Association said Sunday that President Bush was flouting the Constitution and undermining the rule of law by claiming the power to disregard selected provisions of bills that he signed." [NYT]

  • The Department of Homeland security will give itself a makeover, "sharply cutting emergency cash assistance for victims of major disasters, and more carefully controlling access to free hotel rooms." [NYT]

  • Mid-term elex: "If Democrats in the House gain 15 seats -- a number that analysts in both parties say is within reach -- Republicans will relinquish power there for the first time since 1994. In the Senate, Democrats need to gain six seats to take control -- a more remote prospect, but by most estimates a plausible one." [WP]

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