Daily Briefing: 'Special aura about secrets'

Democrats, including Daschle, Reid, Gephardt, also received tribal donations through Abramoff; scandal could harm both parties. [WP]

Bush prepares to send dozens of judicial nominee to the Senate for approval. [WP]

Woodward, Bernstein rushing Felt book for summer release. Bernstein: "We're going to always be bound by this." [NYT, USAT]

Pentagon, White House return watchful eye to Beijing. Expert: "For the past three and a half years, the U.S. has been focused on the war on terror, but now it's seen that it's time to move on to other issues. And this is driven by China." [WSJ]

Bush begins open-ended tour to promote Social Security: "I'm going to spend time talking about Social Security every week until something gets done - because that's my job." [NYT]

Blair greets Bush on Monday with requests to combat poverty in Africa and reverse global warming. [WSJ]

Bush nominates Rep. Christopher Cox as chairman of SEC; move is seen as pro-business. [NYT, WSJ, LAT, USAT]

Felt family is besieged by media, but not talking. [WP]

Clinton talks up Hillary-'08: "I am quite confident she has not decided to do that, or, if she has, she hasn't told me." [NYT]

Hillary is welcomed in Hollywood; supporters include Aguilera, Johansson, Gyllenhaal. [LAT]

Bush, Cheney are still the top Republican fundraisers. [WP]

Dean thinks Bush has a "dark, difficult and dishonest vision" for the country and says many Republicans "never made an honest living in their lives." [USAT, WP, WT]

Sally Quinn: "There is always a special aura about secrets and about the keepers of those secrets. Washington has a culture of power, and the more power there is, the more secrets there are." [WP]


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