Daily Briefing: Studying the Study Group

* Iraqi leaders claim the Iraq Study Group's report fails to understand the cultural complexities driving the problems in Iraq...[WP]

* ...Though they might just be pissed about all the haterific comments like "grave" and "deteriorating" the group made about their country. [WP, NYT]

* Robert Gates rides a wave of "not Donald Rumsfeld" to Senate confirmation. [WP]

* Election losses make Republicans think more conservative is the way to go. [WP]

* It's been 30 days since the election and Democrats are now fully on the take from lobbyists, including Rahm Emanuel, who just loves those Wagyu burgers. [WSJ]

* FBI unsure if there has actually been a rise in public corruption, or if they are just more competent at finding it. [WP]

* Jimmy Carter: not such a loveable old granddad after all, and maybe a plagiarist and fact maker-upper. [WP, NYT]

* Dick Cheney: not such a hate filled gorgon after all, hints he may actually love his future grandchild. [NYT]


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