• The would-be Sears Tower attackers rounded up in Florida last week were incompetent boobs who thought jihadists wore uniforms. The undercover agent who caught them provided them with pretend Islamic Army Boots. [Herald-Sun]

  • Arlen Specter says the White House and Congress are close to an agreement to put the NSA wiretapping program under court authority. [NYT]

  • Peter King, head of the House Homeland Security Committee, would like to prosecute the New York Times for revealing the existence of the administration's secret financial-monitoring program. [WP]

  • Torrential weekend rain crippled much of Washington, flooding much of the area and felling a tree on the White House lawn. [WP]

  • As more Americans embrace calls for withdrawal, congressional Democrats are complaining that a privately-presented Pentagon Iraq plan closely resembles their failed "troop drawdown" resolution. [WP, WP]

  • President Bush is turning 60 next week. [WP

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