• Illionois Senator and Democratic Dreamboat Barack Obama all-but-announced his candidacy for President this weekend, by not not announcing it. [WP, NYT]

  • In Tennessee, former Democratic Dreamboat Harold Ford is running for Senate like a Republican. His opponent is escaping charges of secret Democratic tendencies. [Newsweek, Newsweek]

  • President Bush seems convinced that the Republicans are a lock to win it all this election year. Washington asks, is he high or does he know something? President's dad: Less optimistic. [NYT, WP]

  • The Virginia Senate Race may depend on women. Which is a problem for both Democrat Jim Webb and Republican George Allen. [WP]

  • The United States will be in Iraq forever. [WP, WT]

  • "Polls of white evangelical Protestants show that their support for the Republican Party grew substantially from 1999 to 2004, then began a steady decline." [Time]

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