Bush, visiting New Orleans, fields complaints about government's response. [WP, NYT]

White House dismisses doubts about Miers. Thune: "It has been my expectation that President Bush would nominate someone in the mold of Justices Scalia and Thomas and it is my hope that Harriet Miers will prove to be such a person." [WT]

Michael Leavitt outlines flu pandemic fears: "What if it weren't just New Orleans. What if it were Seattle, San Diego, Corpus Christi, Denver, Chicago, New York? Make your own list." [USAT]

Documents related to Miers from 1995-2000 released by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission "provide a glimpse into her views on the proper separation of powers and the debate over making the civil justice system more fair and predictable." Miers considered Bush to be "cool" and "the best governor ever." [WP, NYT]

Fitzgerald considered relentless, aggressive, and apolitical. [USAT]

Military considers special force for natural disaster relief. [NYT]

Cuts in programs proposed by Republicans will likely to be scaled back due to Katrina and rising energy prices. [WP]

Liberals worried the window of opportunity to tackle issues of health care, housing, jobs, and poverty has closed with conservatives winning out. [NYT]

Angela Merkel to become first female chancellor of Germany. [USAT, FT]

Rice calls for "elections that are free and fair" in Central Asia. [NYT]

FBI may loosen hiring standards to accept applicants who used marijuana in their youth. [WP]

Lawmakers take up blogging. [WP]

McCain stumps for Schwarzenegger. [LAT]

Medicare Q&A. [NYT]


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