Daily Briefing: The Price Paid

Americans losing patience with situation in Iraq, according to fresh WP/ABC poll. Strong majorities say casualty count is unacceptable and war was not worth fighting; 52% say war has not improved national security. [WP]

Bush will increase funds for Africa; Blair says greater commitment is needed. [WP, WSJ, USAT]

Bush, Blair deny war on Iraq was predetermined. Bush: "There's nothing farther from the truth." [NYT, USAT]

White House played down connection between emissions and climate change; official cut findings from government reports. [NYT]

Confirmation of Janice Rogers Brown expected today. [LAT, NYT]

Democrats insist they'll block Bolton unless White House releases related documents; Frist looking for his 60 votes. [LAT, NYT]

Liberals express concerns about aftermath of filibuster compromise. Eleanor Holmes Norton: "Our problem with the compromise is the price that was paid." [WP]

Kerry finally releases his military records; they offer "few new nuggets of information." [LAT]

Katherine Harris will run against Senator Nelson next year. [NYT, USAT]

Recruiting for army significantly less than goal. [NYT]


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