• Senate bill would legalize almost 20M immigrants over the next decade; estimates predict the guest-worker program could cost over $50B. [WP]

  • Bush is "seeking to reconnect with conservative Republicans"; will renew call for a ban on gay marriage. [USAT]

  • Justice Department wants Internet firms to save user data; "executives from companies that attended the meeting [with officials] said they gathered that the department was interested in records that would allow them to identify which individuals visited certain Web sites and possibly conducted searches using certain terms. It also wants the Internet companies to retain records about whom their users exchange e-mail with, but not the contents of e-mail messages." [NYT]

  • Bush blames "unscrupulous" companies for their role in the immigration crisis: "Businesses that knowingly employ illegal workers undermine this law and undermine the spirit of America." [WP, NYT]

  • Congressional leaders and the Justice Department may have both "overreached" in FBI raid scandal. [NYT]

  • Iraq provides a delicate issue for '08 campaigns; voting records separate senators from governors. [NYT]

  • Sen. Harry Reid changes tune, says taking boxing tickets was an ethical mistake. [NYT]


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