Daily Briefing: The World is Watching C-SPAN

Frist will pull "nuclear option" vote on Tuesday; advocacy groups buy weekend ad slots. [WT, WSJ]

Many Senators view filibuster battle as inevitable result of increased partisanship. Biden: "They almost all succumb to the notion that the ends justify the means." [NYT]

A dozen Senators search for common ground. [WP, WP, USAT]

Bush may veto Republican-sponsored bill that eases restrictions on stem-cell research. [WSJ]

Memo reveals how White House casts guests for Social Security tour. [LAT]

White House sees "no need" to respond to letter from 89 House Democrats seeking more information about secret British memo regarding Bush's intention for war. [NYT]

In filibuster fight, aides to top lawmakers have their work cut out for them. [NYT]

Everyone is into "Star Wars." [WP]

DeLay revises 2001 and 2002 campaign reports after audit finds inaccuracies. [WP]

Thomas, Pozen take a step away from Bush on Social Security; new doubts about president's plan. [NYT]

So much for Social Security: Bush's pleas for reform overshadowed. Bush: "Look at it this way, it's a chance to show it off for the world -- to the extent the world is watching C-SPAN." [NYT, WP]

Collins, DeWine will support Bolton. [WT]

Gonzales, Olson, Miers involved in "early process" of determining Supreme Court nominations. [WT]

Some Democrats hesitant to expand FBI's counter-terrorism powers. [NYT]

Melhman focused on expanding party while Dean wants to rebuild. [USAT]

National structure of AFL-CIO decomposing; GOP carefully watching developments. [WT]


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