* Administration and Sen. Frist (R-Tenn.) agree on 45-day review of Dubai port deal. Scott McClellan: "We believe, however, the additional time and investigation at the request of the company will provide Congress with a better understanding of the facts, and that Congress will be comfortable with the transaction moving forward once it does." [WP, NYT, NYT, W$J, USAT]

* States make decisions on the "morning-after" pill as the FDA wavers. [WP]

* Army will reimburse Halliburton subsidiary for nearly $2.4b despite findings of overcharges. [NYT]

* Bush sets off on whirlwind two-day tour of India. [NYT]

* Mike McCurry on the White House press briefings: "It has turned into a theater of the absurd." Ari Fleischer: "The public perceives the press not as watchdogs but as attack dogs." [NYT]

* American Red Cross dropped $500,000 on public relations expenses over the past three years. [WP]

* Sen. McCain's vote to extend Bush tax cuts is viewed as strategic move for '08 -- and a "political flip-flop." [WT]

* Governors complain the administration has reduced the effectiveness of the National Guard. [NYT]

* Texas nonprofit critical of Rep. DeLay is cleared by the IRS. [WP]

* RNC begins e-mail blitz against Sen. Clinton. [WT]


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