Daily Briefing: There Will Be Violence Edition

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Muuuuusiiccc

To sell Social Security plan, administration will "use Bush's campaign-honed techniques of mass repetition, never deviating from the script and using the politics of fear to build support." Market researchers, strategists, and supporters are on the case; campaign is led by Rove, Mehlman. [WP, NYT]

Justice Department opens investigation of detainee abuse. [NYT]

Bush interview: "There will be violence after the [Iraqi] elections. It's very important for us to show progress toward our goals, but there'll be violence." [USAT, USAT, USAT]

Administration plans to slash HUD's community grant program by billions and reorganize community efforts. Employee: "It's a body blow." [WP]

Paige defends Armstrong Williams' contract, opens internal investigation to set record straight; Specter, Harkin want documents turned over for review. Bush: "There needs to be a clear distinction between journalism and advocacy." [WP, WT, NYT, USAT]

National Academy of Sciences reports the "Clear Skies" bill would increase pollution. [WP]

Moderate Republican who supports abortion rights nominated by Mehlman to be RNC co-chairman. [NYT]

Bush promises tsunami warning system for Atlantic. [NYT]

Bush doesn't think Jeb will seek presidency. [NYT]

Laura wants to help troubled boys: "I think we still have this stereotype that boys can take care of themselves and that boys don't cry and that boys don't need special nurturing." [USAT, USAT]

Bush's best friend and closest outsider advisor, Roland Betts, a New York democrat, describes relationship: "He asks me a lot of questions. As we're going for walks, he wants to know, 'Well, who do you think would be good here, and what should I do here?'" [NYT]

Dean strategist admits payments to two bloggers were meant to foster favorable commentary about the campaign. [WSJ]

[AFP/Mike Theiler]


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