* Joint Chiefs wary of troop increase in Iraq, make their case to the White House, get accused of being too "focused on the mission." [WP]

* Robert Gates is sworn in as Secretary of Defense, uses occasion to dig Rumsfeld. Plus one. [WP]

* Rudy Giuliani is about to find out how Christian conservatives feel about politicians that are "Made in New York City." [WP]

* Big Juan Enrique was a lettuce pickin' man, died with that arugula in his hand. [WSJ]

* Justice Department inquiry into detainee abuse runs into dead-end, produces no indictments. [NYT]

* Sam Brownback lays down and lets a nominee for the Federal bench proceed, expects a reach-around. [NYT]

* India's nuclear program goes legit. [WP, NYT]

* Renovated White House "Situation Room" is substantially less impressive than those used by Bartlett, Bauer, and Blitzer. [NYT]


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