• Heat Wave in California takes out aging power transformers, "When these transformers were installed, you had neighborhoods that weren't air-conditioned, homes without two computers and five television sets." [LAT]

  • Bill Clinton stumped for Lieberman in Waterbury yesterday, "Lieberman did not mention Iraq or his support for the war, and Clinton touched only lightly on what he referred to as 'the pink elephant in the room.'" [WP]

  • 105 men "shackled at the wrists and the ankles" deported from Virginia. [WP]

  • Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (Tex.) and Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) sponsor new immigration plan today. Plan expects illegal immigrants to "self-deport," apply for a visa, quickly return to work legally in the US. [WP]

  • Govs. Schwarzenegger and Blagojevich pony up state money for stem cell research. [NYT]

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