• Business-friendly Felipe Calderón eked out a narrow victory in the Mexican elections. His opponent, López Obrador, promises court action. [WP]

  • The Bush administration said it will exempt millions of "vulnerable Medicaid recipients" from having to prove their citizenship to receive benefits. [NYT]

  • 121,000 jobs were created in June -- below expectations, yet again. The unemployment index remained unchanged, and average hourly earnings rose by eight cents. In the crazy world of economics, that's bad. [WP]

  • Sen. Joe Lieberman and his primary opponent, Ned Lamont, argued mostly about the Iraq war in a debate last night. [WP]

  • Larry King did not argue about the war with President Bush last night. [NYT]

  • The FBI "uncovered" a "plot" by "jihadists" in Lebanon to attack New York by blowing up the Holland Tunnel and flooding lower Manhattan, in flagrant violation of the laws of physics. [NYDN, NYDN, NYT]

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