• As rockets fired by Hezbollah penetrated deeper south into Haifa, Israeli troops briefly entered Lebanon to attack Hezbollah bases near the border. [AP]

  • The president is torn between supporting Israel strongly and hoping they'll show a little restraint. [NYT, NYT]

  • President Bush's foreign policy legacy may ride on how he handles this current middle east crisis, despite his apparent unpreparedness. [Newsweek]

  • Liberal think tanks and advocacy groups are rolling in the dough, thanks to a network of some of the richest donors in the country. [WP]

  • The wife of former State Department Asia hand Donald Keyser, currently under investigation for espionage, is a CIA officer currently working very closely with Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte. [Time]

  • Federal aid is arriving to taxpayers displaced by Hurricane Katrina, in the form of $10 billion cash. [NYT]

  • The Bush administration plans "sweeping changes in Medicare payments to hospitals." [NYT]

  • Joe Lieberman probably shouldn't have kissed the President. [NYT]

  • Some say the Israel lobby is too powerful in Washington. Others say that's antisemitism. [WP]

  • It's gonna be a hot week. [WP]

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