Frist takes on Bush by endorsing bill to expand stem-cell research; his support is crucial but Bush has promised to veto such legislation. Frist: "I believe the president's policy should be modified." [NYT]

Bush likely to sign energy bill today. [WP, WSJ, LAT, USAT]

Democrats issue request for specific files related to Roberts. [NYT, LAT]

Attorney-client privilege may not protect Roberts. [LAT]

Electronic error means the House approved of Cafta by only one vote, lawmaker insists. [NYT, LAT, WSJ]

Pool reporter on the scene of Bush's finger incident: "I think the video is inconclusive but leaning toward thumb. It's just hard to imagine." [WP]

Bolton did not come clean to senators during confirmation hearing. [NYT]

Negroponte's deputy says intel community has learned from mistakes about Iraq. [NYT, USAT]

July turned out "pretty good" for Bush. [NYT]

Approval of two major bills gives lawmakers a sense of accomplishment. [NYT]

Republicans cautious about troop withdrawal, though many privately welcome the news. [WSJ]

Liberals worried about Roberts' conservative past. [WP]

Legislation that protects gunmakers from civil suits is likely to pass. [WP, WSJ]

Bush's nominee for deputy attorney general has links to Abramoff. [LAT]

Hastert wants ethics panel to pre-approve lawmakers' privately funded trips. [LAT]

Federalist Society has "become a source of legal talent for Republican administrations" and is "credited with popularizing methods of legal analysis now widely advocated by many conservatives." [WP]

McCain reestablishes his PAC. [WP]


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