Daily Caller Explains James O'Keefe's Sting Of 'Democrat-Friendly' Vote Fraud By GOP Kids Voting GOP


James O'Keefe has a new video, you guys, and it is super-exciting because it shows how those horrible Ivy Tower LIEBERALS at the University of North Carolina didn't fink on a "Democrat-friendly election fraud scheme" of a kid voting for both Romney and Gingrich! Huh? What it says, dudes.

The first part of the video is about foreign-born people registering to vote but then getting out of jury duty by saying they weren't citizens. Are they? It is impossible to tell (unless James O'Keefe actually wanted to go dig through microfilm, and that is not something an investigative journalist does)! Anyway, here is the more befuddling part of the befuddling video: GOP kids bragging about double-voting GOP, which is obviously Democrat election fraud, DUH.

Another part of the video shows University of North Carolina officials, when told of a Democrat-friendly election fraud scheme purportedly committed by a student and his friends, encouraged the crime instead of doing anything to stop it.

That part shows an actor, posing as fictitious UNC student “Jason Rainier,” discussing the election fraud scheme with Assistant Dean of Students for Community Relations Dean Blackburn, and with LGBTQ Center Director Terri Phoenix.

Neither objected to the young man’s voter-fraud activity, which he termed “Operation Chaos.”

“I was registered to vote in Ohio and I still am,” the actor told Phoenix, with a hidden camera rolling, “and I registered to vote here [in North Carolina] because there was a voter drive and I thought it was my civic duty to register to vote. It’s the right thing to do and all that. And I voted absentee ballot in the Ohio primary and I actually voted here as well — early voted.”

“Oh, did you?” Phoenix asked.

“Yeah,” the fictional Rainier reaffirmed.

“And hopefully no one will figure that out,” she replied, laughing out loud.

“I’ve got about 30 friends,” he said. “They all — we all — decided and committed to, once it looked like Romney was going to get the Republican nomination — we all decided to vote for Gingrich in our home state and then vote for Gingrich here in our other home state of North Carolina.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone, will you?” Rainier then asked Phoenix.

“Oh hell no,” Phoenix responded. “Are you kidding me?”

Why do Democrats keep insisting on being fraudulent, by being portrayed by actors who brag about voting GOP? No moral compasses, we guess. Fuckin' liberals.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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