Daily Caller OUTRAGED Feminist Professors Get Paid Like Actual Professors


Prepare to be shocked and appalled and disgusted, while you're at it, because you know who is really making out like bandits these days? No, not those Wall Street types who make six-figure bonuses on top of their six-figure salaries. According to Tucker Carlson's interwebs asylum for keyboard monkeys willing to swear a blood oath to Fox News, it is professors. And not even real professors, but "gender studies" professors:

America’s gender studies, ethnic studies and various other “studies” professors live in the lap of luxury compared to Americans in most occupations.

Full professors at four-year colleges and universities who specialize in the fields of “area, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies” bring home a median annual salary of $105,304, according to data released by the Chronicle of Higher Education earlier this week.

In case you are not sure how to calibrate your outrage appropriately, the Daily Caller helpfully points out:

By way of comparison, a typical American firefighter earns $48,270 per year. Plumbers make $52,390. Stonemasons make $39,990. Boilermakers make $57,920.

Why are we comparing totally unrelated professions that have nothing to do with each other? Because, that is why! Obviously, some dumb feminazi teacher who's trying to indoctrinate your daughters into Marxist Lesbian Black Panther Man-Hating should not be making more than "Joe" the "Plumber," wouldn't you agree? Of course you would! And now you are OUTRAGED too, are you not?

And why is it that these scamster academics teaching fake subjects make so much more money than real college professors? Explain THAT, Chronicle of Higher Education:

Oh. Wait a minute. Gender studies and ethnic studies professors actually do NOT make more money than all the other kinds of professors? They make less -- a lot less, actually -- than other professors who teach real subjects like The Law and Bidness and Engineering and Computer Stuff.

Since we are not a shitrag liar like the Daily Caller, we will concede that gender and ethnic studies professors make slightly above the average for all professors combined, which, obviously, is a HEINOUS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE and also the economy but definitely not the Free Market, which presumably sets these prices but couldn't possibly be to blame here.

Why can't those feminists just marry a real professor, and let him bring home whatever the Latin for bacon is? Shaking our damn heads, "gender" "studies" "professors." Shaking our damn heads.

[Daily Caller/The Chronicle of Higher Education]


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