Daily Caller Would Like To Resettle Sexy Syrian Refugees In Tucker Carlson's Pants

Daily Caller Sexxx Fantasies.

Check out this SUPER HILARIOUS FUNNY post on Daily Caller, filed in its "Entertainment" section, about how some of these war-torn Syrian refugee ladies are WAY boneable, amirite, Tucker Carlson? It looks like this:

Get it? They are "Syria-sly hot," because that is a pun, and the Daily Caller is known for being funny.

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The post featured all kinds of Syrian ladies, from Instagram, but OMG WEIRD, the pictures are no longer available, maybe because the entire internet was offended that not only are American conservatives being god-dang-AWFUL about the prospect of Syrian people maybe needing to crash on our couch, so they don't get MURDERED BY ISIS, but now Daily Caller was saying, "Except these ones, with the tits. They can come here, INTO MAH PANTS."

Here's another one of the now deleted photos:

She is very pretty!

So, shall we WILDLY SPECULATE why the pictures are not there no more?

  • Maybe Daily Caller had a come to Jesus meeting with itself and saw the error of its ways, HAHAHA just kidding, that will never happen.
  • Maybe the Instagram user deleted their account because they didn't like the idea of Tucker Carlson locking the door to his office and pulling his pud looking at his new Ladies Of Syria calendar, what he got his entertainment editor Kaitlan Collins to make for him. Maybe they heard about that time Tucker Carlson gay-bashed a dude and were like PEE-YEW, we don't want these pictures covered with Tucka-jizz.
  • Maybe Daily Caller still thinks its post is HILARIOUS, but said OH FINE, boring internet, we are very sorry you do not see how brilliant our hilarious jokey jokes are, but we will leave the post shell there, for everyone to see the crumbling remains of our brilliance!
  • Maybe the post was confusing reg'lar Daily Caller readers because if Syria is bad and wrong and terrible, why do they all have a boner right now? (Duh, because Daily Caller readers ALWAYS have a boner, except for when it's time to use it.) Maybe astute readers were viewing posts like these, from the "World" section, and were fapping to the "Syria-sly hot" ladies at the same time as they were reading the scary articles and OMG, OH NO, CAN'T STOP, IT'S COMING! And boom, they all multiple-orgasmed at the same time looking at pictures of ISIS. Close tab! Close tab!
  • Maybe TUCKER CARLSON accidentally took part in the Daily Caller's Communal ISIS-Gasm. Why do you jizz when you look at pictures of ISIS, Tucker? (ALLEGEDLY!)

Those last two have literally nothing to do with why the Instagram user shut down their account (OR WAS BANNED). But we're going to irresponsibly suggest that all those things happened at the Daily Caller. It might have gone down that way, you don't know.

[Daily Caller]

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