Daily Mail Got Police Report About Corey Lewandowski, And It Is NASTY
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YIKES! The Daily Mail got its hands on the police report filed by Trump donor Trashelle Odom in which she alleges she was sexually harassed by a shitfaced Corey Lewandowski at a fundraiser, and it is WOW.

Odom and her husband John are major Republican donors, having contributed $100,000 to Trump's super PAC, Make America Great Again Action. Lewandowski headed the PAC until last week, when he got yeeted out after Odom's story broke. Because apparently you can be alllllll kinds of disgusting, but the one unpardonable sin in Trumpland is to mess with the money.

Just kidding, he'll probably get put in time out for ten minutes, then wind up in the inner circle again when Trump thinks nobody's looking. Take that one to the bank.

Anyway, with all due respect for sexual assault and harassment survivors, and without in any way diminishing what this woman went through, we present the Ten Most WTF Moments from Trashelle Odom's Police Report Regarding Corey Lewandowski's Conduct at a Las Vegas Benihana on September 16.

Obviously this is all "allegedly," whether we remembered to type "allegedly" after every horrifying allegation or not.

1. 'Cheese Dick.'

Due to space constraints at a fundraiser for a private foundation, Odom was attending the event alone, without her family. She duly reported to the Benihana at 5:30, only to find herself seated between Lewandowski and a real estate construction guy named Bubba Saulsbury.

"Almost immediately there were amicable jokes between Bubba Saulsbury and GOP operative Chris DeWitt (present and across the table) where they referred to one another as 'Cheese Dick.'"

You know, in case you were wondering whether it's just Corey Lewandowski who would allegedly joke about his cock at a dinner in front of a woman he barely knew.

2. Want to hear about Corey Lewandowski's dick? No? Too bad.

"Lewandowski entered the conversation with the comment that his 'dick is four inches bigger than a normal dick.'"

Very normal conversation at the Benihana. Keep that shit off the table when those knives are flying, though.

3. Corey Lewandowski: Man of Steel.

"From there Lewandowski began to come on to me aggressively by first stating that he works out twice a day, that he runs 400 miles a week, and that's why he can last for 8 hours in bed," Odom alleges.

Ummmm, we have questions. Such as, how would Corey have time to run 57 miles a day and still do sex for eight hours? Good thing he's got more time on his hands now that he's out on his ass from the Trump PAC.

4. Corey Lewandowski is DTF with all the ladies who are not his wife, allegedly!

"Trying to change the subject, I asked Lewandowski about his wife and kids, as I am very proud of the fact that I am happily married with children. Mr. Lewandowski replied that, 'he doesn't do anything with his wife — he gets his sex elsewhere.' Around that time he commented that Gov. [Kristi] Noem is hot," she wrote.

O RLLY? And Noem was in the room, too? Cool, cool.

5. Corey Lewandowski shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

Odom reports that when she finally managed to steer the conversation off of Lewandowski's penis and where he wants to put it, she mentioned that she was from "a bad area of California near where he was traveling." Naturally this prompted Lewandowski to brag about committing multiple murders, including once when he was 10 years old and reportedly said he stabbed someone to death.



Odom alleges that Lewandowski touched her ten times, including on her back and buttocks, despite her protests that she was married, and that he threw a drink at her when she rebuffed his advances. All of which took place in a room packed with Republican grandees, who reportedly shrugged his behavior off, saying "Corey is always like this" and "Corey does this a lot."

Party of family values FTW.

7. He even molested her dinner?

"He began ordering me drinks, that I wasn't drinking, so he ultimately drank them. He also ate directly from my plate and used my utensils."


8. Corey and Kristi Noem seem pretty chummy.

When Odom approached Gov. Noem to introduce her to her family, the South Dakota governor said that she had "texted Corey to stop touching [Odom.]" But apparently that had exactly zero effect, since Lewandowski walked up to her shortly afterward demanding a "private tour."

9. Lewandowski was reportedly waiting outside Odom's hotel room when she came upstairs.

"As I walked to the elevator, Rick Kofoed was coming off the elevator. He said he was so sorry. Stacey was talking to Corey. I took the elevator to my room, which I knew was next to Lewandowski. He was in the hall. He looked angry and terrifying. It was very clear he was not sorry for his actions but mad."

So Lewandowski was getting chewed out by the organizers of the fundraiser for his appalling behavior, and he blamed Odom.

10. Odom wasn't the only person he is alleged to have assaulted/harassed that night.

"I received a call from Mina Lu stating that Lewandowski grabbed her rear end and that she yelled at Lewandowski [in] the morning. She added that he was leaving the hotel in 30 minutes. I intentionally waited approximately an hour with the hope I could avoid him. I then left the hotel in the morning."

BONUS: Looks like Lewandowski may have pissed off more than the Odom family.

Remember back in 2012 there was that wacko documentary about the "Timeshare King" David Siegel, who was building a 90,000-square-foot mega-mansion for his wife Jackie and their kids, but it didn't go well?


Well, you'll never guess who was hosting that party at the Westgate Hotel the 16th!

Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Siegel were pleased to see the event honoring their daughter who died of an opiate overdose hijacked by Lewandowski and his antics? And do you think Lewandowski would have been You're Fired for assaulting Mrs. Odom if he hadn't managed to piss off the guy who owns the entire Westgate hotel chain at the same time?

These people, man, I don't know.


[Daily Mail]

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