Dana Milbank Continues His Audition for Muppet Show

Dana Tries For CuddlyWednesday night, WP columnist Dana Milbank acted out the probable outcome of the John Roberts confirmation hearings with stuffed animals. Today, he leads a description of journalists waiting for the release of Roberts documents with observation that it looked like the opening night line for "Star Wars," "without the storm trooper costumes." We'd point out that this is a rather major lacuna, but you never know what Pete Williams and Anne Kornblut might have in their closets back home. In any case, we understand the Post has been having trouble hanging on to younger readers, so we look forward to next week, when Milbank will explain how the Senate judiciary committee chairman Arlen Specter is like Thomas the Tank Engine. Biden is more like James.

Video of Milbank's presentation here, courtesy of TVEyes.

Newshounds on the Paper Chase [WP]


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