Today's Post Politics Hour chat:

Iowa: What were the results of the Dana Milbank poll you conducted? I noted that Wonkette offered a somewhat similar (but highly frivolous) survey.

Tom Edsall: Dana did very well. Roughly 4 to 1 on the plus side. Very painful result for many of us. At least one colleague suggested that he had all his friends reply to the poll, but another pointed out that the number of people Dana can call friends is not large enough to tilt the outcome of a poll of more than five people.

"Highly frivolous?" Us?

Probably true, but more more frivolous than Dana himself? Debatable. We say in our defense only that we added but one option to Edsall's original poll, which was disappointingly binary (so like the Post to ask those misleading questions and then come out claiming things like "Americans want their phones tapped" or "Dana Milbank is a good journalist"). And that additional option, given a chance to be heard in a truly democratic (and open, and transparent) forum, won the day.

We're going to demand an investigation from Deb Howell into all this. Because the people have spoken, and Dana Milbank is a publicity whore.

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