Dana Milbank loses his job by wheeling around and making Krauthammer gags in 3...2...1...We shouldn't expect anything weird to be tacked onto this nice little Howard Kurtz profile about how Time is somehow currently profitable despite utter irrelevance, correct? OH GOD: "The Washington Post has a new op-ed columnist." Yes, if Krauthammer can be entrusted with lots of money to turn in a logic-hating column every week, why can't the other special-needs people at the Post, such as Dana Milbank? But what could be even worse? "[Milbank] says he will still write some sketches online and contribute to a Post humor blog." A POST HUMOR BLOG? Oh sweet Obamar liberation-theology Jesus, thank you for the easy Wonkette material.

"Anybody reading my column would make an informed judgment that I'm left-of-center, and I wouldn't quarrel with that," he says. "But strongly ideological people on the left do not recognize me as one of their own."

Hmm, seems like he thinks that is a good thing. Dana, you should try to be a conservative and take your rightful place next to Trig in the pantheon of conservative thought.

A former New Republic and Wall Street Journal staffer who once covered the White House for The Post, Milbank ran up against the limits of the scene-setting sketch format: "If something exciting is happening, I'm golden. If nothing is happening, I've got to make a column out of nothing. And anything out of the capital was off limits."

Oh, so your job was the same as everybody else's in Washington media. But now you will get to be irrelevant. Hooray! That's almost like "irreverent!" Only one letter off.

But yes, mostly we are just excited for this humor blog. It will be six duplicate David Broder posts about a grasshopper walking into a bar, one timely Gene Weingarten post comparing Madonna's fashion to various zany zoo animals, and half a Dana Milbank post in which he dresses in drag and pretends to be his own stalker. [WP]


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