Dana Perino "Exaggerating" About Cuban Missile Crisis Retardation

danaperrrr.jpgDuring today's White House Press Conference, Bushey press Secretary Dana Perino was asked, "Has the President teased you about the Cuban Missile Crisis at all?" This question erroneously presumes that Bush has a fucking clue what the Crisis was, but anyway, the White Rose of Poisony Ice Death responded, "No. It was a humorous show and I was exaggerating. Tell your host of your late-night show that." Well I don't have a late-night show or a host for it, but will do, Perino (Pareene-oh?).

Oh, also -- she said waterboarding is legal.

Bitch gets NORFED:

MS. PERINO: I'm saying the United States does not torture. And the reason I'm answering it that way, Bill, is because I just said to Terry, I cannot comment on any specific case. I don't comment on any specific technique. General Hayden, the Director of the CIA, is in front of -- having briefings today and tomorrow up on Capitol Hill; those are in closed session, and that's the appropriate place for these things to be discussed.

But I can say that any interrogations have been legal, and that they have been fully briefed to the United States Congress.

Q But when you have a former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, now saying that waterboarding was used -- since you're saying the interrogations were legal; he's saying on the record now, waterboarding was used in at least one case. You're saying waterboarding is legal?

MS. PERINO: Ed, I'm saying I'm not commenting on any specific technique. I'm not commenting on that gentleman's characteristics of any possible technique. I've given you a very general statement about interrogations being legal, limited and --

Q You just said it was legal.

MS. PERINO: I'm sorry?

Q You said it was within the legal framework.


Q Everything that was done.


Q So waterboarding is legal.

MS. PERINO: I'm not commenting on any specific techniques. And you can ask me all sorts of different ways, and we can go back and forth, but I'm not going to do it, Ed.

So the US waterboards people in interrogations, and all of our interrogations are legal, but she can't confirm that waterboarding is legal because she won't go into "specific techniques"? This "specific techniques" loophole for denying all logical leaps to torture is... is... why it's brilliant! It's almost as if Dana Perino knows what waterboarding is.

Dec. 11 Press Briefing [White House]


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