Dana Perino's Husband Thrown In Jail!

Icy blonde propagandrix Dana Perino isn't just lying about her boss's crimes these days -- she's also refusing to comment on the jailing of her husband by federal cops!

The feds locked up Parino's man, British criminal Peter McMahon, after a federal warrant was issued for his arrest ... for not paying an unleashed-dog ticket in time.

Seems McMahon was walking his leashless Vizsla in Lincoln Park in November when a U.S. Park Police officer told McMahon to "gain control" of Henry the dog and "put him on a leash." And then it gets really good, after the jump.

Vizslas are handsome Hungarian hunting dogs similar to German Shorthaired Pointers -- meaning, they're all insane, and if you don't let them bounce around crazily for an hour or so outside every day, they will destroy everything in your house. So we sympathize with McMahon ... especially when he basically told the cop to go fuck himself.

According to the Washington Examiner, McMahon told the park policeman he didn't have a leash. The cop wrote him a $25 ticket.

"Why don't you go chase down some squirrels," McMahon replied to the policeman.

Apparently the ticket didn't include an address where payment should be sent -- it was a federal form, after all -- so McMahon either didn't bother or tried but couldn't find a mailing address. Eventually he went to the Park Police station to pay it in person, but in the meantime the furious cop had sought an arrest warrant over the unpaid citation.

(Memo to everyone: Don't fuck with Officer Stephen Smith of the U.S. Park Police.)

So McMahon shows up with his 25 bucks and they throw him in jail all day.

It is not Henry the Vizsla's first brush with partisan politics. In a March interview with the Rocky Mountain News, Perino boasted of how she cruelly trained the poor animal to make idiotic partisan politics statements:

Now, when she says, "Tell us what you really think about John Kerry," Henry fetches a flip-flop .... Asked if "anybody thinks that Bill Clinton should be in jail," Henry barks.
Ha ha, but guess who really got put in jail? Her foreigner husband!

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