Dana Rohrabacher Will Holocaust Science With A Holocaust Of Facts Because Holocaust

For this science-related item, yr Wonkette will start like all good scientists with a hypothesis: conservative wingnuts are a bunch of sniveling titty-babies whose sense of entitled butthurt is directly proportional to their tendency to say incredibly stupid things.

In support of our theory we present crusty fuck-sock Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a bloviating sack of fail from the part of Southern California that we would like to load onto a flatbed and send off to be stapled to Texas where it belongs. Rohrabacher sits on the House Committee for Science, Space, and Technology, where he always has helpful suggestions for solving the looming calamity of global climate change. Yesterday during a hearing with Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, Rohrabacher claimed that climate change is not definitely happening because a ship sank in a big storm in one of the Great Lakes in 1910. Then he got around to what was really bothering him:

Rohrabacher also criticized Organizing for Action, the successor to the Obama campaign arm, for targeting what the group calls “climate deniers” in Congress.

"The only other use of that term is a 'Holocaust denier,'" Rohrabacher said. "Do you use that term 'denier' for those people who disagree with you on climate science, and do you think that term is appropriate in engaging in a civil discourse over a scientific issue?"

Don’t be silly, Dana! We might also use the word denier for idiots who still think The Voyage of the Beagle is a collection of Peanuts strips. Has human history ever seen a bigger bunch of whiny pussies steeped in their own sense of victimhood than modern American conservatives? If you gave every wingnut in America a wooden cross and told them all to climb on up and nail themselves to it the next time they felt persecuted, huge swaths of the country would resemble Golgotha in about ten minutes.

Yr Wonkette is most relieved that, given the opportunity and responsibility of discussing one of the most important issues facing the planet, you, Dana Rohrabacher, managed to make the hearing all about how your widdle fee-fees get hurt whenever someone calls you a “denier” simply because you deny that a problem exists even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence. We’re sure knowing this debate was civil enough to soothe your ego will be of great comfort to our descendants when they have to abandon the earth’s surface and go live underground with the Mole People.



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