Dance Dance Revolution

* Smithsonian Curator John Hanhardt will talk about the development of video and installation art. Why are we listing this? Free, 5pm at the American Art Museum. [Smithsonian]

* Al Gore's not running for president, dude just loves to write books! Loves it! Mm-hmm, it's book-writing for Al from now on! No more campaigns, no more dreams of... fuck it. Sold out but maybe someone will let you in, 7pm at the GW Lisner Auditorium. [Lisner]

* Two poets perform some of their new work, which apparently is thought to be good by people who pay attention to this sort of thing. Free, 7pm at Olsson's is Dupont. [Olsson's]

* Learn about someone else's dead punk scene for a change. "Filmmaker Roy Wallace (vocalist for legendary Belfast anarcho-punkers Toxic Waste) tells the story of the anarcho-punk movement." $5, 9pm Backstage and the Cat. [Black Cat]


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