Gotta dance! - WonketteLast year's blockbuster season of Dancing With the Stars provided us with all these DC treats:

* Tucker Carlson frolicked in a beautiful blouse and was immediately voted off the island.

* This, despite Al Sharpton and James Carville's loving, public support.

* Tom DeLay started an online campaign to support GOP sweetheart & Nashville entertainer Sara Evans.

* Evans had to quit the show in shame because her GOP fund-raiser/failed congressional candidate husband was having anal-sex extramarital affairs, posting pictures of his penis all over Craigslist and drunkenly watching pornography in front of his baby children. Oh, and there was a hot nanny with an "eating disorder" involved in some possibly lesbian love triangle, and bible study.

In other words, Dancing With the Stars was a crappy teevee dancing version of what happened to the Republicans last year. Will the new season also provide endless fodder for Wonkette? Sadly, no. There are zero political figures involved. But Paul McCartney's one-legged slut ex-wife is a dance contestant, and we think she's against the UN or barbed wire or something, but she's not even American.

'Dancing With the Stars' line-up announced [USA Today]


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