Dante Never Had To Fly Through O'Hare

  • People have been rioting in Greece because police killed a teenager. (Apparently it is common practice in Greece for teenagers to fight with police, but usually people do not get shot over it.) [New York Times]
  • Oh hey it's the long-awaited death of print! The Tribune Co., which owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Cubs, appears to be looking into bankruptcy proceedings. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Militants in Pakistan torched 150 NATO supply trucks headed to Afghanistan. [Pakistan Dawn]
  • Barack Obama must find a way to simultaneously throw a massive inaugural bash for the exuberant MILLIONS who will be in DC for the event while also appearing modest and respectful of the difficult times "ordinary folks" are going through. [AP]
  • Chris Dodd says General Motors is in the worst shape of the Big Three automakers, and maybe CEO Rick Wagoner should just get lost already. [Reuters]
  • Sudanese leaders are among a minority of leaders in the world who will miss George W. Bush, because he was nicer to them than Barack Obama will be. [Washington Post]
  • Your editor is striving valiantly to get from one place in America to another place in America via Chicago, which is of course impossible, so she will be stuck on planes or in airports probably until OH FOREVER. So do not whine if it takes several hours until one of your other editors signs on and starts posting silly jokes about Bill Kristol.

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