Darkness And Chaos Reign On House Floor

Wonkette operative The Intern has some shocking news about what's been going on in the House of Representatives ever since Nancy Pelosi turned off the lights and made everybody go on vacation. It is basically the Thunderdome all over again, only with Republican ninjas.

Our brave source writes:

Republican House leadership is mad at the Dems because the House is ajourned for five week recess. GOP leadership are encouraging members to go to the empty floor and speak about energy legislation. The microphones are shut off and the lights are out because the House leaders refuse to turn them on. It's basically just a bunch of members yelling at the top of their lungs to the people in the gallery. The members have been encouraged by GOP leadership to bring megaphones.

The Intern and all other available operatives must dispatch themselves POST HASTE to gather video/audio footage of this very moving historical event. Or maybe it's on CSPAN?


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