Darrell Issa Cuts Rep. Elijah Cummings's Mic Like He Is Bill O'Reilly Or Something


So here's a good example of just how unfair and rude Democrats can be in their relentless control of the media: Watch as Rep. Elijah Cummings, against all rules of good taste, behaves as if his position as ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee entitles him to talk during Darrell Issa's hearing into the IRS's alleged targeting of Tea Party groups, even though Issa adjourned the hearing, cut Cummings's mic, and walked out. Silly Democrat, you do not count!

We have a longer clip of Cummings' remarks at the CSPAN, which does not enable embedding its videos because the CSPAN is A IDIOT. It's worth a look; this is some truly awful behavior by Issa, who first shut down the hearing when former IRS official Lois Lerner refused to answer any questions, then cut off Cummings's mic when he started to ask a question. And then, just to be extra dickish, Issa first told Cummings that even though the hearing was adjourned, "the gentleman may ask his question." Cummings's mic was turned on again, for nearly 30 whole seconds before Issa said "Close it down" and made a slashing motion across his neck, because 30 seconds should have been plenty of time for a procedural question, right?

Our favorite bit: members of the committee catcalling "Shame! Shame!" at Issa -- it's no "question time" in the Parliament, but good on them for not going gently into that good media blackout.

Cummings then went on to note all the facts that Issa had deliberately excluded from his investigation, such as the IRS Inspector General's report that found not a conspiracy directed by the White House, but an ad hoc decision by a local IRS manager who was himself a Republican. Conspiracy, not so much, said Cummings, but "gross mismanagement," sure. And Democrats on the committee were also excluded from meetings with Lerner's attorney, because why would Issa want them messing things up?

Over at Daily Caller, the verdict on Cummings is in: He went "BALLISTIC" for no reason at all. Silly Democrat!

[TPM / Daily Caller]

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