Date to Church

* Heard on the Hill:Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse wears black Pumas 24/7... Lamar Alexander's daughter was on Law and Order, is expected to run for President in 2012... Client of DC madam using same law firm to represent him as Mark Foley. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: New White House Social Secretary's first gig is the Queen visit. Barbara Bush is bringing a "mystery date." ... DC Madam story less entertaining than sex scandals past. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Lots of people are watching Mitt Romney on the YouTube... Politicians, skits, Shakespeare, etc... Jim Barnes, Isobel Ellis and Jake Welch predicted the results of the Derby... Bad Brains and Jeff "Skunk" Baxter together at last. In New Jersey. [Examiner]

* Shenanigans:Bush not happy about this White Tie business. [Politico]

* The Sleuth:Mike Huckabee went for a run instead of doing any debate prep. Then Chris Matthews and Tammy Haddad ran into Tom Selleck at dinner. [WP]

* Inside the Beltway:Bush's church service mentioned the DC Madam for some reason. [WT]

* Rush & Molloy:Condi bio reveals: she hates kids, 'can't say no' to Bush. [NYDN]

* Washington Whispers: NASCAR drivers lobby for something or other, Jon Kyl panders... Tony Blair to tour America, write a book, pretend to be Bill Clinton... "House Government Reform Committee" now "Committee on Oversight and Government Reform," or "COGR." ... Troops in Iraq using petitions to help win the war... Pet turtles are apparently illegal, but they might get to be legal again. [USN&WR]


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