We Give You Good Date Spots ... You Do the Rest


How's that summer romance working out for you? You're in looooooove? You've got about three weeks until Labor Day, also known as the end of summer, and therefore Summer Love Judgment Day!  We're not going to give you relationship advice, though that would probably be amusing, but we WILL give you a list of good date spots.  Read these at your leisure while you agonize over the fate of your summer relationship, and remember to have fun!

Where love blossoms in DC:

  • H Street Country Club: Cheap beers, delicious margaritas, and mini golf a great date make.  Here you can drink for cheap while showing off your mini golfing skills, which, as everyone knows, translates to your ability to be a rich doctor, lawyer and/or lobbyist.
  • Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival: Any outdoor film festival will work really, but the 80's ones are just more fun.  Your know the drill: blanket + food = outdoor fun! And hope for rain, which often happens at these things. Water falling from the sky immediately makes any outdoor outing more romantic.
  • Veritas/ Vinoteca Wine Bars: Both these spots are great date destinations. Why?  A) the decor provides that whole dark, romantic feeling perfect for any date and B) you will most likely split a bottle of wine, and alcohol has this magic ability to make dates better. Another "get your date drunk" option: the thousands of activities happening this week for DC Beer Week.
  • Arlington County Fair: At the Fair, you can pet animals, eat funnel cake, go on rides, and, pending that your date likes animals and won't throw up from the roller coasters, it could be a great way to spend an afternoon together.
  • Eastern Market: (Or the Dupont Farmers Market, or the 14 and U Farmers Market.) Nothing says "I like you" like, "Let me buy you a peach."
  • Tosca: (Or Acadiana, Art and Soul, or Central.) Everyone loves being taken out for an expensive meal at one of the best restaurants in the city. And lucky for you, it's Restaurant Week from August 24 to  August 30. This means that you can go out to a fancy meal and not spend hundreds of dollars.
  • Billy Goat Trail: Outdoorsy things are always fun, especially in the thousand degree weather.  Besides, it's a great way to evaluate your partner's heart health. If you're gonna go past Labor Day, it's important to know if your partner's going to keel over anytime soon.
  • Nighttime Monument Stroll: Lincoln looks good during the day, but there's just something about looking at him in dark that makes the National Mall's famous memorials a great date destination. It's a totally kitschy thing to do, but it's free, and you can definitely only do this in DC, so why not? Stroll the Mall, hold hands, and smile at the ridiculous somber importance of it all.

And if any this works out for you, the Washingtonian has a list of great spots to make out in the city.


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