Dave Obey Makes Dennis Kucinich Cry

dobey.jpgIt was a routine House Democratic caucus meeting, until Dave Obey unleashed the fury.

Elfin sprite Dennis Kucinich asked one too many questions, and Diamond Dave finally said "enough."

What exactly was said is still in question. One source wasn't sure and others wouldn't repeat the language.


Kucinich asked Obey about language dealing with privatization of Iraqi oil. Obey's reply included some magic words, which prompted Rep. Diane E. Watson (D-Calif.) to declare that she was not attending the meeting to hear such vulgarity.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) attempted to make peace, but some still were not satisfied.

Finally, an astute observer of Congressional behavior declared that if you haven't had a certain part of your anatomy ripped by Dave Obey, you were not a member of Congress.

What was said? Leave suggestions in the comments, maybe we'll have a poll or something. Or just go fuck yourselves, that works too.

Obey to Kucinich: #$%@!!! [Politico]


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